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Erin Morrison

Erin Morrison’s coin series began with the artist’s pure interest in coins as a material curiosity.


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Yihong Hsu

Hsu‘s art is about Nature-Elements of nature are my main characters. She use them to depict my stories in each painting.

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YANG Hyun Jun

‘Adult Child’ is an ongoing series that Yang Hyun Jun has been working on since 2013. The series focuses on family and humanity.

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Batten and Kamp

The New Zealand born, Hong Kong based duo create one of-a-kind furniture, objects, and spaces for collectors, galleries, and clients around the world.

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Son IL

Memories, preservation and the language of communication is the key idea in Son’s works and he thrives to express the importance preservation in his own way through his artworks.

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BAEK Jinki

Baek’s artistic labor practices in his work reveal the artist’s will to live, and in the state of chaos before creation, he defines the acts of constant struggle between the artist and the material.

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KIM Kwang Ho

“No object without shadow can exist. Every form and shape of the world, whether it moves or not, is a substantive three-dimensional structure. “

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CHUI Pui Chee

Competent in a wide range of scripts, CHUI’s calligraphy exerts a dynamic and vigorous quality, while his painting derives from the structure of calligraphic fundamentals.

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Lee Yun A

The Thinking Space series is an expression of Mechanism, a mechanism of the human spirit buried in the mystery of dream vision.

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Miranda Smith

Miranda creates art that uses our perceptual fallacies to generate heightened experience through site-specific installation, photography, sculpture, and painting.

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Tyler Jackson Pritchard

Humans and the natural world are often depicted as opposing forces whereas Jackson takes a different point of view, seeing them as partners in a dance.

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Park Jin Woo

‘Think’ is an avant-garde art. Evolving from memory to dream.Park Jin-woo’s ‘Think’ series unfolds an art world of emotional aesthetics.

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Yoo Sun Tai

Yoo has developed his now well known style of three dimensional painting over years of experimental art practicing. 

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Choi Seung Yoon

Choi’s works are mostly blue because it best matches the notion of paradox and balance that the artist wants to express.

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Yea Ji LEE

Yeaji LEE’s artwork is a magical world of fairytale and metaphorical meanings.

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