Yulia Shautsukova : Life. Inspired by Hong Kong

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Yulia Shautsukova : Life. Inspired by Hong Kong 1 – 25 April 2021

*Opening Reception: 3 April 2021, Saturday, 4-7pm

Venue: Gallery Jeeum,LG-01, Office Block 1, DB North Plaza, 92 Siena Avenue, Discovery Bay, Hong Kong Gallery

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 11am to 5pm; Saturday-Sunday, 11am to 7pm


Gallery Jeeum is delighted to present Russian artist Yulia Shautsukova’s latest watercolour and oil works, depicting the everyday corners of Hong Kong that Yulia has proudly called home for the past 10 years. While life in Hong Kong is all about hustling and bustling, Yulia has a strong urge to remind us all to stop and smell the flower.

While Yulia used to draw en plein air back in the days, her current works as a practising artists are all skilfully composed paintings based on thousands of daily photographs she took combined with techniques from her traditional art education. It is never the artist’s intention to find grandiose subjects that guarantee a successful art piece, but more so translating the day-to-day into her paintings. Whether or not for the purpose of creating art, Yulia would be taking photos of her everyday Hong Kong life – scenes consisting a beautiful shadow on the ground, special natural lighting as reflected by the combination of sunlight and skyscrapers, tiny details on the corner of a fish boat that caught her eye, and the list goes on. These are what she called the ‘special moments’ in life, impromptu moments that come unexpectedly full of joy.

It could be a corner around her friend’s house, sunset by the harbour, the ferry view from her daily commute, or a typical Wan Chai tram scene that we have all countered. Often, Yulia would take photos of the same seemingly mundane scene time after time until she catches the ‘right light’. So much to an extent that her 7-year-old son has now adopted the habit and make sure they capture the moment when he sees something interesting from the window even when she emphasized that she is occupied with work – ‘We don’t want to miss the special moment!’

Each painting is a piece of the artist herself and consists of all her energy, illustrating the different moods and feelings she experiences in and about the city at different periods of life. To Yulia, every corner, street, side, small shop and basically everything in and of Hong Kong is beautiful. She would like to communicate that energy and sensational touch to her viewers, to stimulate some personal fond memories or to simply ‘feel good’ about life. While people in the city are always so immersed in the hectic rush through the quotidian traffic, she prompts us to not forget how incredible Home Kong can be.

Almost all of the 22 artworks showcased are paintings measuring under twenty centimeters tall and wide. It is the artist’s intention to create smaller paintings that invite the audience to come closer and take note of the treasured everyday city moments.


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About Yulia Shautsukova

Yulia Shautsukova is a Russian artist who has lived and worked in Hong Kong for the last 10 years. Yulia’s paintings transfer the best of Russian oil paintings techniques into modern art. Her work explores the relationship between colours and emotions inspired by the organic forms found in nature. The vibrant colours in her work stimulate the emotions of each viewer to drive their own interpretation creating a unique inner world.

Born in Moscow, Yulia has developed a deep interest in painting since childhood. She studied art at the Crimean University of Art and further studies at the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Moscow. Yulia travels widely around the world to search for new colours and inspirations. Her paintings are collected by art lovers worldwide.


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