Yulia Shautsukova: ‘Life. Inspired by Hong Kong’ Exhibition Highlights

“For our upcoming exhibition, we are pleased to showcase Russian artist Yulia Shautsukova’s latest watercolour and oil works of daily inspirations she encountered in our beloved city, having proudly lived in Hong Kong for the past 10 years.

Join us this Saturday for the opening show and enjoy a nice day out in the Easter long weekend!

我們將為您介紹俄羅斯藝術家 Yulia Shautsukova 的最新水彩和油畫作品,描繪了 Yulia 過去十年生活在香港所遇到的日常。



Yulia invitation image

What is your favorite corner of the city? To Yulia, all the special moments she encountered in the city are impromptu moments that come unexpectedly full of joy. There is not a side of Home Kong that she doesn’t find beautiful. She would like to communicate this sensational touch and energy to everyone, and stimulate in us some personal fond memories or to simply ‘feel good’ about life.

你最喜歡香港的那一面? 對於藝術家Yulia來說,在香港遇到的所有「特別時刻」都充滿了無比的喜悅。基本上每一面都是美麗和可愛的。她想將這份感動和推動力傳達給大家,以激發我們每個人一些喜愛的回憶,或純粹抱起對生活基本的一種「感覺良好」。

It’s always a blessing to celebrate an opening show surrounded by everyone. Thank you for coming and squeezing in a little time to spend with Jeeum.

“Did you know?
Almost all of the 22 artworks showcased are under 20cm tall and wide. Yulia purposely created smaller paintings to draw our attention closer to the everyday details of city life.

幾乎所有展覽中的 22 幅作品,都是不到 20 厘米高和闊的畫作。藝術家是特意創作較小的作品,以吸引觀眾近距離觀看,並註意珍貴的日常城市時光。

“How has your day been?
While you are out and about, don’t foget to stop and smell the flowers!
Life is always easier when you take a moment to appreciate those around you, or simply look up! ☀️☁️🌈


— Yulia Shautsukova: Life. Inspired by Hong Kong
1-25 April, 2021