Unwrapping Yoo’s ‘My Atelier ’ – Art Central Hong Kong 2021

Art Central 2021 Yoo Sun Tai Portfolio


Having worked in Paris for years, Yoo developed his now well-known style of three-dimensional painting in corporating style adopted from the western practices. Yoo is obsessed with objects such as book, typewriter, ladder, clock, bicycling man, bronze, apple, and other items. The artist conveys their latent and multi-faceted meaning – that of meditation, reflection, honesty, prayer, eternity, hope, nostalgia, light and affection. He takes such items as a means of metaphors of life elements which meanings depend on personal imagination and interpretation.

His painting is an epitome of the east-meets-west dreamy, surreal realm with a meditative and poetic sense. In his painting, he also uses the Korean letter as a kind of metaphoric language to add to his works some texture as well as some meaning to his audience. To complete his paintings, he adorns Korean letters over the whole canvas. The objects in his painting interact with each other through these ‘words’ an d proliferates the depth of reading or interpretation depending on viewer’s personality and own fantasy.

Henri Francois Debailleux wrote of Yoo’s work: “His works tell stories that take place between colours and light, material and immaterial, tangible and intangible. Where the spirit leaves reality to find equilibrium in its own world. Sun-Tai Yoo enjoys arousing resonance and accents, which are reminiscent of music…to create a scene that has echoes and correspondence.”

An intuitive painter, Yoo strives to transcend mere representation by tapping into our deeper emotional connections to these objects and what they have come to symbolize. An apple can symbolizes the fall of humanity while the book represents learning, along with millions of interpretation of the same object through a never-ending range of cultured understanding among us. By presenting these objects within his dream-like settings, away from what he describes as a “sea of words” that surrounds us, Yoo asks us to meditate and take part by projecting ourselves into his world of sights and sounds.

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Born in 1957
1985/89 Paris 8 University( Doctor’s Degree )/Paris. 1984/85 Ecole National Superieur des Beaux-Arts / Paris. 1979/81 Hong-ik Graduate School( MFA )/Seoul. 1975/79 Hong-ikUniversity( BFA)/Seoul.

Solo Exhibition
2020-Gana Art Center, Seoul
2016-Gallery Lotte Avenual, Seoul.
2015-Gana Art Center, Seoul.
2014-Dae Kwan ryung International Music Festival. 2013-Moon Fine art Gallery, Seoul
2013-Gana Art Gallery, Pusan
2013-Chung Gallery,Seoul
2013-Il ho Gallery/MBN, Seoul
2012-Demi Gallery, Kwang Ju.
2011-Sun Jin gallery, Singapore.

2011-Gana Art Gallery, Seoul, Pusan.
2010 -Gana Art Gallery, New York.
2009 -Philipe Kang Gallery, Seoul.
2009- Gallery Jung, Seoul.
2008- Duru Art Space, Seoul
2008 -Gallery Lavignes-Bastille, Paris.
2008-Dosi Gallery, Pusan.
2008- Gallery Bandi, Seoul.
2008 -Gallery Miru, Gana Art Center, Seoul. 2007 -Gallery Joanna Kunstmann, Spain.
2007- Kainos Gallery, Seoul.
2007 -Duru art Space, Seoul.
2007 -GalleryBellarte, Seoul.
2007 -Ellen’s Park Gallery, Kyunggido.

2006 -GalleryLavignes-Bastille, Paris.
2006 -Kaist Uniersity Gallery, Seoul.
2006-Duru Art Space, Seoul.
2006- Somang Church, Bundang.

2006- Ellen Kim Murphy Gallery, YangPyung. 2005- Kaist University Gallery, Seoul. 2004- Duru Art Space, Seoul.
2003- Nine Gallery, KwangJu.
2002 -Suga Gallery, Pusan.
2002 -Seoul Art Fair, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul. 2001 -Gana Art Gallery, Seoul.
1999 –Gana Beaubourg Gallery, Paris. 1999 -GalleryLavignes-Bastille, Paris.
1997 -Yuna Gallery, Seoul.
1996 -GalleryLavignes-Bastille, Paris.
1996 -Gana Art Gallery, Seoul.
1996 -Song Won Gallery, KwangJu.
1994 –Gallery Lavignes-Bastille, Paris. 1994 -Seoul Art Fair, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul. 1992-Vera Van Laer Gallery, Belgieum. 1992- La Villa Blanche, Paris.
1991- Gallery K, Paris.
1991- Gallery Lavignes-Bastille, Paris. 1991 -Arts Center’s Arts Gallery, Seoul. 1990- Woong Gallery, Seoul.
1990 –Gallery Lavignes-Bastille, Paris. 1989 –Gallery Lavignes-Bastille, Paris. 1989 -Lichard Center, Paris.
1988 –Gallery Lavignes-Bastille, Paris. 1981- Grorich Gallery, Seoul.

Group Exhibition
2020- kim Hyun Joo Gallery, Seoul.
2020-Gallery Gaiya, Seoul.
2020-TEFFAF, Maastrich, Nethaland.
2019- Gallery Birch tree, Seoul.
2019-Art Revolution, Teipei, Taiwan.
2019-2 artistes, Moon Fine Arts Gallery, Seoul.
2018-Art Stage, Singapour.
2018-KIAF, Seoul.
2018-TEFFAF, New York.
2018-Gallery Birch trees, Seoul.
2017-‘ Rabbit hole, between reality and fantasy
2017-‘ Small work’, Gallery Joeun, Seoul.
2017-TEFFAF, Maastrich, Netherlands.
2017-Art Fair Central, Hong Kong.
2017-‘Six visions of landscape’ Oh Seoung Ou Museum
2016-Gallery Bandi Traso, Seoul.
2016-Art Stage, Singapour.
2016-Gallery Duru Art Space, Seou.
2016-TEFFAF, Maastrich, Seoul.
2016-Art Central, Hongkong.
2016-Art Busan, Busan.
2016-Soaf, Coex, Seoul.
2015-TEFFAF, Maastrich, Nethalands.

2015-Gallery Image, Seoul.
2015-vornado Ecoround, Insa Art Center, Seoul.
2014-Art Fair TEFAF, Maastrich, Netherlands.
2014-Artistes of Gana Atelier, Gana Art Center, Seoul.
2014-LA Art Fair, Los angeles.
2014-Gallery FAT, Singapore.
2014-Seoul Open Art Fair, Seoul.
2014-Art Revolution, Teipei.
2014-Pekin Art Fair, Pekin.
2013-Gana Art Gallery 30th anniversary celebration exhibition, Ga na Art Center, Seoul.
2013-Toronto Art Fair, Toronto,
2013-Art Fair Afforderable, Singapore
2013- Art Teipei, Tawain.
2013-Hotel Art Fair, HongKong.
2013-Gallery SunJin, Singapour.
2013-KIAF, Coex, Seoul.
2013-Huston Art Fair, Huston.
2013-Hotel Art Fair, Conrard Hotel, Seoul
2013-Original&Original, Horim Art Center, Seoul

2013-Scope New York, New York.
2013-Bank Art fair, Hong Kong.
2013-SOAF,Coex, Seoul.
2012-Lotte Gallery, Moon Gallery, Seoul.
2012-Healing, Gana art Center, Seoul.
2012- Art fair Affoderble, Singapore.
2012-Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair, Hong Kong.
2012-Art Fair Scope New York, New York.
2012-Spoon Art Fair, Hong Kong.
2012-Art Revolution, Teipei, Tawain.
2012-Korean Gallery Art faire, Seoul.
2012-Small Works, Jang Heung Art Park, Jang Heung,
2012-Los Angeles Art Fair, Los Angeles.
2011-Art Fair Scope Miami, Miami.
2011-Hotel Art Fair, Hong Kong.
2011-Art Fair Scope New York, New York.

2010- Korean Gallery Art Fair, Pusan.
2010 -Seoul Open Art Fair, Seoul.
2010 –Tae Gu Art Fair, Tae Gu.
2010- Art Fair New York Scope, New York.
2009 -Gallery P1, Seoul
2009- Art Fair Scope Miami, Miami.
2009 -KIAF, Coex, Seoul.
2009 -Art Fair Basel Scope, Basel.

2008- Private Collection, Gana Art Center, Seoul.
2008 -Tokyo Hotel Art Fair, Tokyo.
2008- Gallery Miru, Gana Art Center, Seoul.
2008 –Art Fair Scope Miami, U.S.A
2008- Gallery Univers, Paris.
2007- Bonington Gallery, Birmingham, England.
2007- Media art & enjoyable imagination,Hyun Dai Dpt,Seoul. 2007 -Auction Show, Seoul Auction, Coex, Seoul.
2007- Contemporary art, Seoul Auction / Gana Art Gallery. 2007- Chicago Art Fair, Duru art Space, Chicago.
2006 -Zurich Art Fair, Duru Art Space, Zurich.
2007 -Fruit, Insa Art Center, Seoul.
2006 -Art Fair KIAF, Duru Art Space, Seoul.

2005- Chicago Art Fair, Chicago.
2004 -8 artist of Gana Atelier, Gana Arts gallery, Seoul. 2003- Auction Fair, Seoul Auction, Seoul.
2002 -Objet & Objet, Duru Art Space, Seoul.
2001 -2 Artist, Yuna Gallery, Seoul.
2000 -Dokuyama Art Center, Japan.
1999 -FIAC, Gana Art Gallery, Paris.
1999- 2 Artist, White Elephan, Paris.
1996 -Park Young Duk Gallery, Seoul.
1995 -Art Fair START, Gallery Lavignes-Bastille, France. 1995- 3 Artist, GalleryFrancoisePaluelle, Paris.
1995 -3 Artist, Gallery Lavignes-Bastille, Paris
1994 –Kim Whan Ki Museum, Seoul.
1994- Art Fair START, Gallery Lavignes-Bastille, France. 1993- LINEART, Gallery Lavignes-Bastille, Gent.
1993 -Vodka Collection, Gallery Lavigne-Bastille, Paris.
1992 -8 Artist, Gallery GeralardPiltzer, Paris.
1992 -Art Fair LINEART, Gallery Vera Van Laer, Gent.
1992-Art Fair ARCO, Gallery Vera Van Laer, Madrid.
1991-Fondation Deutsch, Lausanne.
1991 -Art Fair LINEART, Gallery Vera Van Laer, Gent.
1991 -Art Fair Decouverte, Gallery Lavignes-Bastille, Paris 1991 -3 artist, Gallery Lavignes-Bastille, Paris.
1991 -Institute Marie Curie, Paris.
1990 -Salon de Montrouge, Montrouge Art Center, Paris. 1989-Korean Young Artist, Korean Art Center, Paris.
1988 -Salon de Mai, Paris.
1987-Spring of Bastille, Gallery lavignes-Bastille, Paris.
1986 -Salon de Montrouge, Montrouge Art Center, Paris. 1986 -Korean Young Artist, Korean Art Center, Paris.
1985-Salond de Mai, Paris.
1985- Manieres, maniere, Korean Art Center, Paris.
1985- KobeMusieum, Japan.
1981 -National Musieum of Contemporary Art, Seoul.