Thinking Space 2011-12

About the artwork

Artwork: Thinking Space 2011-12

Year: 2011

Dimension: 135 X 99 X 3 cm

Technique: Mixed Media

Color: Multicolored

The paintings are delivered with certificate of authenticity

The Thinking Space series is an expression of Mechanism, a mechanism of the human spirit buried in the mystery of dream vision. It is a gesture toward the world where art and life meet in the process of continuous perpetuation and chance, which leads to the pursuit of novelty and infinite life force. The theme of this series is contemplation and meditation through internal application. The most important thing in expressing these subjects is the image built through subtle tremors.  

It forms a trajectory central side that repeats the emptiness and accumulation with energetic energy. In addition, it is also a world of reconciliation and unity that crosses the boundaries of each other. The unified world is a transition of consciousness and unconsciousness, sometimes that intersect with each other brining the human beings in abundance from the inside to the outside world.  

Lee Yun A

The techniques for making her artworks are expression medium, mixing materials, ink and powder, etc. They were used for various thicknesses of mud smoke, acrylic, paint, wild powder, etc. The screen composition led to thick layering or a single flooring. Repeated application, scratching, and rubbing led to a figurative representation of the image using a mixture medium based on a non-concrete space configuration. Moreover, she had 24 times of solo exhibitions and 250 times for group exhibitions including Seoul, UK, France, USA, Turkey, China, Philippines, Japan, Austria, Germany, Australia, Russia, and Uzbekistan. Also, she is holding The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Republic of Korea. 

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