Rushing Wind Series

About the artwork

Artwork: Rushing Wind Series

Year: 2019

Dimension: 40 x 20 x 35 cm

Technique: Marble 

The artworks are delivered with certificate of authenticity

The ‘Rushing Wind series’ show the will of the small movements in life that create the mode of existence of a person, just as a small breeze blowing into the Pacific could cause tornadoes on the Americas.
 The overlapping and repeated sculptural act create the texture and curve of the work, and these become a form of art, gaining its vitality.

Baek Jin Ki

Baek’s sculptural works of accentuated texture and curviness gain their vitality through the artist’s own inspiration from and interpretation of fundamental elements like light and wind. ‘Light is the roof of all life’ while wind symbolized small movements in life that create the existence of a person. 

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