Plum blossom & Shadow

About the artwork

Artwork: Plum blossom & Shadow

Year: 2020

Dimension: 38 x 22 x 51 cm

Technique: Steel & Natural Stone

The artworks are delivered with certificate of authenticity

The shadow is a methodological instrument to search for an ego and to find an answer to the most fundamental and essential question of human beings, “Who and what I am?”

No shadow without object can exist. Every form and shape of the world, whether it moves or not, is a substantive three-dimensional structure. However, shadows constantly return and revert from the plane to the three dimension in my sculptural works, of which the nature is three dimensional. It is because this attempt to substantialize immateriality to materiality is a way of searching for another ego.

A shadow that exists with light of Yang is Yin of darkness that exists only in Yang; thus, Ying of the shadow approaches me and becomes Yang to ruminate on emotions of life. Though the shadow is tacit-false substance that is not allowed to possess or touch, it can never exist without me and can never escape from me either.

Kim Kwang Ho

At first glance, Korean artist Kim Kwang Ho’s artworks look like simple line art, but on closer inspection you will be delighted to discover that they are actually three-dimensional sculptures! Kim transforms hard raw materials, such as steel and stone, into light-hearted still life’s which are seemingly delicate. Intricate detail and gestural lines are combined in his work, with carefully worked flowers combined with one strip of steel to symbolise the frame and vase.

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