LOVE 2053

About the artwork

Artwork: LOVE 2053

Year: 2019

Dimension: H 25cm x W 25cm x D 2cm

Technique: Thread resin on canvas

Color: Multicolored

The paintings are delivered with certificate of authenticity

Memories, preservation and the language of communication is the key idea in Son’s works and he thrives to express the importance preservation in his own way through his artworks. In 2002, Son Il visited The Gansong Art Museum (Seoul, South Korea) and saw the original Hunminjeongeum (Hangeul, the Korean alphabet) . Touched with a myriad of emotions, he was sad about these original Hunminjeongeum woodblocks that were destroyed during the Korean War, and he was determined to bring such precious cultural heritage them back to life.

The most obvious feature in Son’s style is his openess towards the use of different materials, techniques and forms, which later brought about a progressive change to producing relief paintings by using briquette ash, along with repeated ‘trial and error’ with the adoption of Hanji (Korean traditional paper) and mulberry paper, terra cotta, ceramics, rice straws and other mixed-media forms. Through years of experimenting, Son developed diverse de-genre and convergent methodologies by combining figurativeness & abstraction, sculptures & paintings and paintings & ceramics.

Son IL

The cultural signs adopted in Son’s works hint at the fact that a culture should not be isolated as a topical phenomenon anymore. This has a huge significance in promoting the Korean culture to the world through formative art of Hangeul as he was taken aback by encountering Hunminjeongeum decades ago. All in all, Son Il is committed to turn Hangeul’s consonants and vowels into art through his unique formative methodologies, thus promoting the excellence of Hangeul to the world.

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