Iceberg blue inside skyblue 23-12

About the artwork


Iceberg blue inside skyblue 23-12

Year: 2023

Dimension: 91(H) x 73(W)  x 14.5(D) cm

Materials: Procelain, Admixture, Stain

The paintings are delivered with certificate of authenticity

    Soil is one of the four elements that make up the world, and its properties are formation and destruction. All life lives through the nourishment of the soil and goes back to the soil when life ends. Accordingly, the soil is not just an objective being but a “soul house” that becomes the source of our lives and retains the meaning of human existence.

    KIM’s another interest, “light,” can be defined as a free movement of existence in contrast to the immobility of the soil. Light is also defined as creation and extinction. The light scattered in space only gets life when it settles on the earth. The light does not disappear into the darkness but lights up the world and conceives life on the planet.

    The soil and light have opposite characteristics, but the light stalks scattered on the earth create a world and create a new journey of life through time. KIM’s “Journey of Thought” is a journey of work and life that captures these various stories created by soil and light.

    Jiana KIM

    KIM graduated from Parsons School of Design in the U.S., completed a master’s degree at Montclair State University in the U.S., and a Ph.D. at Seoul National University. KIM has been fascinated by the infinite formative possibilities of soil and has consistently expressed her inspiration from soil and light through her works. The light contained in the light-thin plaques harmonizes with each other to form a large shape of light. Also, the color of light contained there reminds us of our thoughts, time, memories, and memories.

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