Five Animals

About the artwork

Artwork: Five Animals

Year: 2020

Dimension: 120 x 90 cm

Technique: Gulal (powder), acrylic on canvas

Color: Multicolored

The paintings are delivered with certificate of authenticity

Five Animals is a stand alone piece made from Gulal powder (similar to what you find a the Holi Festival in India) which the artist bought from a leper during one of his photography expeditions to the worlds largest animal sacrifice the happens every five years in Nepal on the boarder of India. Applied by hand, the powdered pigments have a supernatural color value, such as the orange, that seem so vibrant it gives the impression of a hallucination. Great depth and expression in the piece allow it feel alive and ever changing.

Each of Jackson’s works he sees as an individual, created with full personality and purpose including both darkness and light. Photography and music from heavy metal to classical have played important roles in Jackson’s life. His paintings are the combination of the captured moment expressed in visual rhythm.

While darkness and the ‘Jungian Shadow’ have always been elements in his artistic practices; “darkness reveals light” as he says, and vice versa; we see a more daring use of bright and joyous colours seemingly to illustrate blossoming plants and flowers that are then counter balanced with the use of uniform lines. But is what you see with the naked eye genuinely all of it? What images and objects do you really see between the lines?

Jackson also reflected upon his unintentional tendency to create works in pairs or more. Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Night form a story-like trio and in the pair The InBetween and Ghost of the Present we see reminiscent advancements from his previous series focusing on liner optics. In Blood Ivory and Jodorowsky‘s Wounds we see the artist pushing geometric order and controlled chaos past the content of the paintings into even the shape and construction of the canvas.

Tyler Jackson Pritchard

Tyler Jackson Pritchard is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in painting and photography creating a new vernacular that bridges the gap between abstraction and representational art. His work expresses the underlying constructs and forms that result from external and internal struggle. 

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