Fiat Lux – Sculptural Drawing Series

About the artwork

Artwork: Fiat Lux (Sculptural Drawing Series)

Year: 2019

Dimension: 80 x 80 x 5 cm 

Technique: Marble & Wood frame

The artworks are delivered with certificate of authenticity

Light is the root of all life. Appearance of light is the fundamental event of creation that is interpreted religiously, philosophically, culturally and physically. The little “Fiat Lux” is a Latin word meaning “let there be light”. It is from ‘flat lux et Facta lux’ a command in Genesis 1:3. “And God said, let there be light: and there was light.” Genesis 1:3 The work wishes that the fundamental meaning of creation and formation and the light of hope will spread endlessly through abstract shapes that generate and diffuse light. This is the advent of hope and the metaphor of recovery. The work begins by inserting a point on the marble surface, and obtains texture and motility through the superposition of innumerable dots. The artist’s artistic labor practices in his work reveal the artist’s will to live, and in the state of chaos before creation, the artist defines the acts of constant struggle between the artist and the material. Form and texture are determined in the course of the act between the artist and the matte, and the work gains vitality as a product of the act.

Baek Jin Ki

Baek’s sculptural works of accentuated texture and curviness gain their vitality through the artist’s own inspiration from and interpretation of fundamental elements like light and wind. ‘Light is the roof of all life’ while wind symbolized small movements in life that create the existence of a person. 

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