Miranda Smith’s Solo Exhibition : ‘Lucent Nebulous’

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Come and visit our new exhibition!

Miranda Smith’s first solo exhibition ‘Lucent Nebulous’ is a celebration of our innate relationship with light and colour. This exhibition takes inspiration from the way your eyes and brain constantly adjust to changing light conditions and mediate visual information. During the day, viewers are invited to experience a series of prints that capture a nebulous of colour created by light and preserved in ink.  

At night, the gallery space transforms to showcase the experiential light installations that are the basis of the prints, giving viewers the opportunity to interact with the works.  The more immersed you become with these installations, the more that they reveal themselves to you. With time, your eye adapts to light conditions and you are more easily able to perceive the soft colour variations and shapes encapsulated in the light. The printed works  emphasis elements of the light installations that the human eye cannot distinguish, offering an alternative perspective on our relationship to light and its colours. 

Venue:  LG-01, Office Block One, DB North Plaza, 92 Siena Avenue, Discovery Bay, Hong Kong
Date & Time:  8th May – 31st May 2020 (Tuesday to Friday): 11am – 5pm, Sat & Sun 11am – 7pm

Participating Artists:
Miranda Smith


Artists Story

Australian and Hong Kong based Artist Miranda Smith paints with light. Her works explore our innate relationship with colour and light, and how our visual fallacies can be used to create heightened experiences

Lucent Necxzbulous Exhibition

I paint with light. My work is not only a celebration of colour and light.But an exploration of our inherent relationship with it.Light has a profound effect on us, it can alter our mental and physical states and it is our visual guide through the world. But the way that we experience light is full of these fascinating little fallacies.

I fully embrace and use these fallacies in my work to create a more heightened viewing experience.The longer that you spend with my works, the more that they reveal themselves to you. The work itself does not change-but to you it has. I like to encourage a more insightful understanding of how you are a living thing intertwined with everything else in the universe. You are connected to everything you see, but you still can’t entirely trust everything that you experience to be a true reality.The juxtaposition between the human eye and the camera is vital to my work.

The human eye can pick up on things that the camera can’t and vice versa. I often push cameras to their sensor’s limits. This results in some really exciting effects. These dark saturated fields of colour that seem to appear out of nowhere and have quite uncertain origins.My prints capture this beautiful moment in time and depending on the colours and intensities it can have quite varying effects on their viewers.As an artist I want to continue to push the boundaries in terms of human perspectives on light and perception.And to continue to embrace exciting new technologies and opportunities to expand our relationship to art


Featured Artworks



Nebulous 2020

Digital Print

1189 x841 mm



Situational Ephemerality

Situational Ephemerality 2020

Digital Print

841 x594 mm



Brief Explanation of the works

Through subtle coloured light installations these works form situations in which our perceptual fallacies are used to create heightened experiences.These pieces encourage the viewer to become acutely aware of their visual process, as they interact with the soft abstract colours being cast on to the surrounding spaces.The longer that a person spends in the installation, the more their eyes will adjust to the light conditions and more of the slight variations in colour,intensity and ambient light will be revealed to the viewer.Over time the stationary pieces may appear to have changed, encouraging introspection over how we interact with the world around us, ourselves,and our meaningful relationship with colour.