Lee Yun A 

Lee Yun A graduated from the School of Fine Art Master’s Program at Hongik University. Her artistic techniques include mixing materials such as ink and powder with the combination of acrylic paint until her composition builds a thick layer. She also repeats the application of scratching and rubbing on the


Lee Yun A 

Lee Yun A graduated from the School of Fine Art Master’s Program at Hongik University. Her artistic techniques include mixing materials such as ink and powder with the combination of acrylic paint until her composition builds a thick layer. She also repeats the application of scratching and rubbing on the


Selected Works

Mixed Media

‘Thinking Space 2017-A1’

Lee Yun A


Lee Yun A

Graduate School of Fine Art Masters Program, Hongik University



2006. 07.08 Seoul Art Contest [Special Award]

2005. 08.30 Asian Women’s Art Competiton [Excellent Prize]

08.10 3rd Seoul Art Contest [Prize]

2004.12.02 National Veteran’s Cultural Association [Excellent Prize]

10.27 Korea Painting Competition [Prize]

10.12 Seoul Art Contest [Special Selection]

10.08 Unit Art Competition [Prize]

10.05 KAFnet Art Contest [Special Selection]

07.27 5th Women’s Art Exhibition [Prize]

07.17 40th Competition of Kyonggi Art [Prize]

07.10 Small Art Competition [Prize]

2003. 12.29 Grand Prize for Environmental Art in Korea [Special Selection]

12.13 Seoul Art Exhibition [Special Selection]

11.21 Korean Painting Contest [Special Selection]

07.10 Korean Woemn’s Art Contest Award

2002. 08.30 World Art Competition [Special Selection]



Director of the Korean Art Association

Member of the Seoul Art Association

Permanent Member of the National Museum of Contemporary Art

Director of the Korean Art Society

Director of the National Veteran’s Culture and Art Association

Kang Dong Mi-hyup Chairman of Women’s Division

Director of the Korean Art Exchange Association

Korea Creative Art Association

Member of the Korean Women’s Art Contest

Steering Committee and a Member of the Jury

National Veterinary Arts Association

Kangdong Art Association Consultative

Holding Institution: The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art [ArtBankg] Leader’s Church. Gangjeong Hospital. Korea Exchange Bank. Asan Electricity

Exhibition highlights

Solo Exhibition

25. [2019.01.16- 2019.01.27] Invitation Exhibition [ArtSeum Gallery Seoul]

24. [2018.03.02- 2019.03.30] Invitation Exhibition [Gangdong Go ArtSpace Seoul]

23. [2016.09.09-2019.09.11] Invitation Exhibition [Dongdaemun Gate DDP Seoul]

22. [2016.12.07- 2016.12.13] Invitation Exhibition [AP Gallery Seoul]

21. [2015.02.15-2015.02.26] Invitation Exhibition [Shindo Art Seoul]

20. [2013.06.01-2013.06.20] Invitation Exhibition [SoJungOok Gallery]

19. [2012.05.08- 2012.05.13] Invitation Exhibition [Seoul Arts Center Gallery Seoul]

18. [2011.05.03- 2011.05.08] Invitation Exhibition [Seoul Arts Center Gallery Seoul]

17. [2010.06.30- 2010.07.06] Solo Exhibition [Inside Art Center Seoul]

16. [2010.04.02-2010.05.02] Invitation Exhibition [Art Exhibition Seoul]

15. [2009.10.22- 2011.11.08] Invitation Exhibition [SujungOok Gallery Seoul]

14. [2009.04.03- 2009.04.08] Invitation Exhibition [Seongbuk Gallery Seoul]

13. [2008.09.10- 2008.09.16] Solo Exhibition [Kwanhun Gallery Seoul]

12. [2007.08.30- 2007.09.05] Invitation Exhibition [Gungkhan Gallery Seoul]

11. [2007.06.28- 2007.07.02] Invitation Exhibition [Perking 298 ARTZONE China]

10. [2007.05.21-2007.05.27] Solo Exhibition [Seoul National Design Plaza Seoul]

09. [2007.01.02- 2007.01.06] Invitation Exhibition [Art Gallery Exhibition Seoul]

08. [2006.05.20-2006.06.20] Invitation Exhibition [02 Gallery Seoul]

07. [2006.02.15- 2006.02.21] Solo Exhibition [Sejong Center for Performing Arts Seoul]

06. [2005.07.16- 2005.07.20] Solo Exhibition [Gallery Ho Seoul]

05. [2004.09.18-2004.09.24] Solo Exhibition [Seoul Arts Center Gallery Seoul]

04. [2004.06.09- 2004.06.15] Solo Exhibition [Sejong Center for Performing Arts Seoul]

03. [2004.02.18- 2004.02.23] Solo Exhibition [Seoul Kotra Exhibition Seoul]

02. [2003.07.30- 2003.08.05] Solo Exhibition [Insa Gallery 01 Gallery Seoul]

01. [2003.01.22- 2003.01.27] Solo Exhibition [Incheon Art Gallery 01 Seoul]

Group and International Exhibition


01.02-.01.08 Good Moring Art Collection 2019 [Lameleu Gallery Seoul]


01.03- 01.09 Good Moring Art Collection 2018 [Lameleu Gallery Seoul]

02.07- 02.25 Korea,Japan, & China [Hasong-ri, Yeongwol-eup, Yeongweol,Gangwon-do]

04.18- 04.24 2018 International Little Work of Art Festival [Korea Gallery]

05.02- 05.08 New Start Gallery [Insa Art Center Seoul]

05.31- 06.07 Invited Exhibition in of Korea Creation Art Association 2018

06.15- 06.28 The 15th Flow Han River Exhibition 2018 {Milano Villa Burba. Italy]

08.31- 09.03 Art ULSAN 2018 Change & Innovation {Ulsan MBC Museum]

09.19- 10.02 The Insadong People Special Project Exhibition 2018 [Lameleu Gallery Seoul]

10.11- 10.30 Journey in search of Happiness [Jinseo-myeon, Buan]

10.09- 10.14 Exhibition of Korea Creation Arts Association 2018

[KEPCO Art Center Gallery Seoul]

10.22- 11.01 The 20th Exhibition of Gangdong Artist Association

[Gangdong Art Center Seoul]

10.05- 10.11 Beautiful Companion [Dangjin-si Chungcheongnam-do]

11.13- 11.19 The 52nd Korean Fine Arts Association Exhibition [Seoul Arts Center Gallery Seoul]


01.04-01.10 Spirit Exhibition of Today’s Artists Korea 2017 [Insa Art Center Plaza Seoul]

06.02- 06.09 The 14th Flow River Exhibition 2017 [Gangdong Art Center Seoul]

06.28- 07.08 Korean Creation Arts Association 2017 [Gallery The Blue. Soeu]

07.01- 07.10 Korean Contemporary Art Festival in New York 2017 [TENRI Gallery- New York, Chelsea, New York]

09.01- 09.04 Art Ulsan 2017 History & New [Ulsan MBC Exhibition]

09.01- 09.24 Gangdong Artist Invitation [Gangdong Art Center Seoul]

09.13- 09.19 The 25th Insadong People Exhibition 2017 [Lameleu Gallery Seoul]

10.18- 10.24 Exhibition of Korea Creation Arts Association 2017 [Gallery KTA Seoul]

10.23- 11.04 The 19th Exhibition of Gangdong Artist Association [Gangdong Art Center]


07.20- 07.25 The 3rd Seoul Insa Art Festival 2016 [Insa Art Plaza Gallery Seou]

09.06- The 24th Insadong People Exhibition 2016 [Lameleu Gallery Seoul]

10.01- 10.07 Invited Exhibition Incheon Artist [Gallery. Go. Seoul]

10.05- 10.11 Members Exhibition of Creation Arts Association 2016 [Lameleu Gallery Seoul ]

09.01- 10.02 Gangdong Artist Invitation Exhibition [Gangdong Art Center Seoul]

12.28- 01.03.2017 Good Morning Art Collection 2017 [Lameleu Gallery Seoul]


07.22- 07.28 The 2nd Seoul Insa Art Festival 2015 [Lameleu Gallery Seoul]

03.21- 04.24 2015 Incheon Art Festival Exhibition [Gallery Go Seoul]

05.09- 05.21 The 13th Flow Han River Exhibition 2016 [Gangdong Art Center Gallery Seoul]

07.02- 07.08 2016 Dong- Gang Contemporary Artist Exhibition [Yeongwol-eup Art Center Seoul]


06.03- 06.15 Battle of Han River [Gangdong Art Center Seoul]

07.23- 07.29 Insa Open Art Gallery [Lameleu Gallery Seoul]

08. 26- 09.02 The 13th Artmetro [JJ Jungsong Gallery Seoul]

09.29- 10.06 2014 DonghaeJun [Chungdam-dong 38 Gallery Seoul]

10.01- 10.30 The 13s Contemporary Art Exhibition [Assembly 1Lobby Seoul]

10.17- 10.20 The Exhibition of Art Ulsan 2014 [Ulsan MBC Special Exhibition]

10.17- 11.01 The 4th Gangdong Artist Festival [Gagdong Art Center Seoul]


12.11- 12.23 Donong Altering Rotation [Saeoreumgall Gallery Seoul]

12.10- 12.14 2013 Korean Writers Invitation Exhibition [Gangdong Yeoksam-dong Community Service Center Seoul]

11.12- 11.21 Choo Il Seo Jeongjeon [Icheon Art Center Hall]

10.29- 11.03 Gangdong Art Exhibition “Beautiful Scenery” [Gangdong Art Exhibition]

10.15- 11.04 2013 Korean National Museum of Art [Seoul Gallery]

10.01- 10.30 13Shenzhen Art Exhibition [National member of Assembly Lobby Seoul]

08.21- 08.27 The 12th Artmetro Exhibition [Tobo House Gallery Seoul]

08.07- 08.12 19th Contemporart Art Korea & Japan [Lameleu Gallery Seoul]

07.01- 07.06 제 18th Gangdong Women’s Writers Exhibition [Gangdong Art Center]

06.04- 06.16 제11th Flow of Han River [Gangdong Art Center]

06.01- 06.30 Individual Invitation [Seo Jung Wook Gallery Seoul]


05.08- 05.13 Individual Invitation “Art Center” [Seoul Arts Center Gallery Seoul]

04.04- 04.14 The 8th Exhibition of Seoul Fine Arts Association [Sema Gallery Seoul


12.22- 12.27 Good Morning 2012 Art Collection Gallery [Lameleu Gallery Seoul]

12.16- 12.21 Korea Art Festival Gallery [SETEC Seoul]

12.16- 12.22 Korean Namjoo International Art Festival [Korean Sound Cultural Hall Jun Joo]

05.03- 05.08 Individual Invitation “Art Seoul” [Seoul Arts Center Gallery Seoul]

03.11- 03.20 L.A Korean Writer Invitation [Gallery SUN USA L.A.]

11.21- 12.27 Good Morning 2012 Art Collection [Gallery LooBen Seoul]


12.02- 12.12 Korean 1 Million Won Art Festival [Kintex Ilsan]

12) The 44th Korean Fine Arts Association Exhibition Ground Battle

07.27- 08.02 IACAF Founding Exhibition of the International Association for Cultural and Art Friendship [Seoul Art Gallery]

06.02- 2010.06.08 Seoul International Modern Art Festival [Korean Art Gallery Seoul

04.02- 04.09 The 6th Exhibition of Seoul Fine Arts Association [Mnicipal Art Museum Seoul]

2010 Art Ulsan 2010 Invitation of the international friendship festival of water and wind [Special Exhibition Ulsan


09.24- 09.30 The 43th Korean Fine Arts Association Exhibition [Seoul Arts Center Gallery Seoul]


01.03- 01.08 5th Exhibition of Women’s Writers [Insa Art Plaza Gallery Seoul]

07.16- 07.22 The 16th Insadong People Exhibition [Lameleu Gallery Seoul]

07.23- 08.22 Before the Dream of Summer Night Exhibition [Bundang-gu Art Gallery]


05.03- 05.08 Invitation to Korea, China, and Modern [Seoul Museum of Art]

01.22- 01.28 W.W.W Gallery [ France Paris Mathurin Gallery Paris France]


12.20- 12.30 Vision- Battle of Seonmin and Nanum [VIT Gallery Seoul]

11.16- 11.22 2006 Hong-ik Graduate School of Art in New York [Hun Gallery New York]

09.13 Hong-ik Graduate School [Gallery HO Seoul]

08.23 China International Art Festival [China Center]

07.08 4th Seoul Art Award Exhibition [Seoul Museum of Art]

05.10 People of Insadong [Lameleu Gallery Seoul]

05.03 4th Women’s Writers Invitation [Insa Art Center Seoul]

03.08 The Spring of Field Invitation [Insa Art Center Seoul]

03.06 Modern Artist 24 Gallery [HO Gallery]

02.25 22th Namjoo Modern Art Festival [Pocheon Banwol Art Hall]


12.16 8booths with 38 artists Hong-ik Graudate School [Gallery HO Seoul]

11.06 Contemporary Project New York Invication [CPS Gallery Seoul]

09.25 39th Korean Art Cooperation [Seoul Arts Center Gallery Seoul]

09.23 3th Women’s Artist Invitation [O2 Gallery Seoul]

08.30 Asia Artist Grand Prize [SeMa Seoul Art Gallery]

06.30 2nd Member Exhibition of Seoul Art Center [SeMa Art Gallery]

06.29 Friendly Exhibition of Contemporary Art between Korea and China [Sejong Center for Performing Arts Seoul]

05.12- 05.23 IT Modern Art Korean Telecom University’s Open School Invitation [Special Exhibition DaeJun]

04.20 Red & Blue Exhibition [Art Center Seoul]

04.01 Modern Spring Exhibition [Ho Gallery Seoul]

02.04- 02.28 Korea Art Festival Invitation [Sejong Center for Performing Arts Seoul]

02.01- 02.26 Sanchundong Exchange Exhibition for Japanese Writer at the Winter Art Festival [Ios Gallery Seoul]

01.19 Writers Exhibition of Korean Modern Art [Gallery MIZ Seoul]


12.08 Membership of Women Writers [Gallery Seoul]

10.29 28th Korea Art Center Seoul [Seoul Arts Center Gallery Seoul]

10.24 England, London Invitation Exhibition, The Space of Metaphor [London Light Gallery England]

10.12 Seoul Art Contest [Seoul Museum of Art]

10.08 Dangwon Art Festival [Ansan Art Gallery Ilsan]

10.05 Korea Art Family Ney Compeition 2004 [Gallery MIZ Seoul]

08.13 Korea- China Friendship Exhibition [Chin Bakmunwan Bejing]

08.04 1st Round of Seoul Mihyup, Cheonggyecheon Eunji today, tomorrow [Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art]

08.04 12th Korea- Uzbekistan Museum of Contemporary Art[Kent Central Museum]

07.27 5th Korean Women Art Center Exhibition [Seoul Art Center]

07.17 40th Kyonggi Art Competition [Geunggi Cultural Art Center Suwon]

07.10 9th Small Bumblebee Art Competition [Pyeongtaek- ho Art Museum, Pyeongtaek]

06.22 Today’s Exhibiton of Modern Art in Japan [Japansee Embassy in Korea Seoul]

04.29 Directional Exhibition [Hwaseong Hall of Culture & Arts]

03.31 2004 Insadong Prior to the excavation of Shinjun High School [Green Space Gallery Seoul]

02.25 Asian Women’s Art Invitation [Seoul Sejong Center for the Performing Arts]


12.31 Seoul Gallery Green Space [Green Space Gallery Seoul]

12.29 Korea Environmental Art Exhibition [Ansan Art Gallery Seoul]

12.13 Seoul Art Contest [Seoul Museum of Art]

12.07 Korea- Japan Dialogue Exhibition [Korean Embassy In Japan Tokyo]

11.21 25th Contemporary Art Museum [Yangpyeong of Gail Museum of Art]

11.19 Korea- Australia Modern Art Exhibition [Genberra Ebert Hall Australia invited by the Korean Embassy in Australia]

10.15 Modern Art Paradigm [Green Space Exhibition Seoul]

10.08 Modern Art Paradigm [Green Space Gallery Seoul]

08.10 Korea- Turkey Invited Modern Art Exhibition [Minare Sannan University Elementary School, Istanbul Turkey

08.27 Works Woman’s World Exhibition [Insa Art Plaza Seoul]

07.09 Color Woman’s World [2nd Exhibition Hall of Gyeongin Art Museum Seoul]

06.25 People in Insa-dong [Insa Art Plaza Seoul]

04.05 Invitation of Korean Contemporary Artists [Gallery Atri Seoul]

03.07 Mountain Fruits and people invited by Ios Gallery [Ios Gallry Seoul]


10.30 Color Exhibition [Guanhun Gallery]

08.30 Deng Sang Art Exhibition [Ansan Dangwon Museum]

07.01 W.W.W. Exhibition [Lotte Art Gallery Invication Ilsan]

1993 07.06 Flying in the Sky Exhibition [Lotte Gallery Seoul]

1989 12.06 Contemporary Art Academy [National Museum of Contemporary Gwacheon]