Gallery JEEUM X BLINK : Co-Existence 2nd Exhibition

Chinese landscape inspired in Guilin, China by two Chinese contemporary ink artists

Chinese landscape inspired in Guilin, China by two Chinese contemporary ink artists


Come and visit our new exhibition!

Gallery JEEUM is pleased to present a group exhibition with BLINK Gallery “Co-existence 2 共生共存” investigating the exploration of contemporary art for our home in 21 century from 11 – 19 April 2020, featuring contemporary works across different medium by international artists of Yoo Sun Tai, Yang Hyun Jun, Kim Kwang Ho (Korean), TK Chan, Poon Kwing Wing, Mediha Ting, Yung  Chee Mun, Rebecca Hon (Hong Kong), Erica Hestu Wahyuni (Indonesian) and Adeline Buenaventura (French – Filipina) and Yulia Shautsukova (Russian). 

The exhibition is curated in three sessions – Chinese Landscape, Korean arts and Happy tunnel. It is starting by Chinese landscape inspired in Guilin, China by two Chinese contemporary ink artists. They used different Chinese ink techniques to present the mountains and river. Followed by bright and colourful Korean art pieces, the self-portrait of the artists. And a Happy tunnel featuring love and kindness between the people and animals. 


Venue:  LG-01, Office Block One, DB North Plaza, 92 Siena Avenue, Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

Exhibition Opening: SAT 11 April 2020 at 3 pm

Exhibition Period: 11 – 19 April 2020 12 – 7 pm (Thursday to Sunday) Monday to Wednesday by advanced appointment


Participating Artists:
Yoo Sun Tai  | Yang Hyun Jun | Kim Kwang Ho  | Poon Kwing Wing | TK Chan | Rebecca Hon

Chee-Mun Yung | Erica Hestu Wahyuni | Yulia Shautsukova | Adeline Buenaventura



Bright and colourful Korean art pieces, the self-portrait of the artists

Bright and colourful Korean art pieces, the self-portrait of the artists



Happy tunnel featuring love and kindness between the people and animals

Happy tunnel featuring love and kindness between the people and animals



Featured Artworks by International Artists



Korea, YOO Sun Tai, My Garden, Acrylic On Canvas, 40 x 32cm

Yoo’s painting always presents a confrontation between two poles: the Orient and West, nature and architecture, the temporary and the permanent, speaking and writing, the interior and the exterior, artificial and natural objects, etc. As a self-portrait, the bicycle rider is the meditator in these situations.



Korea, YANG Hyun Jun, Adult Child (Pippi), Acrylic On Korean Paper, 91 x 72cm

He creates the “Adult Child” character with assembly of mother’s face in her childhood. He tries to express her mother who sacrifice and concession in her whole life with humor. The girl in his works are expressing the live and pleasant story through various background and activities such as reading books, care for the animals, traveling, etc.



2nd exhibitcion 복사본

Hong Kong, Poon Kwing Wing 樂在山裹 Happy Place, Ink and Colour on Paper, 69 x 137cm

POON Kwing Wing started work as an graphic designer with Shaw Brothers (HK) Ltd. In the 1980s Poon travelled extensively between mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Poon was the first artist ever to exhibit photographs of Taiwan in Beijing and also the first ever to exhibit photographs of Beijing in Taiwan. He currently lives in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Vancouver and still works on art and design projects especially those supporting the creative sectors and children’s charities.



Hong Kong, Chee-mun Yung, Swamp, Ink & Colour On Paper, 140 x 70cm Each

Yung focuses on ink painting. The creative concept behind his landscape painting is to hold together the classical philosophy of the ancient Chinese scholars’ use of ink. He pursues the philosophy inspired by Du Fu’s poetry : 水流心不競,雲在意俱遲.

His works integrate this invisible spirit into the landscape, turning the turmoil of real life into a world of quiet and serenity. He uses Eastern and Western art materials and techniques to create his own rich colourful paintings imbued with a sense of Chinese fusion. His landscapes depict a fairy tale – like Chinese utopia based on natural scenes from his recalled memory.



2nd exhibitczxion 복사본

Hong Kong, Rebecca Hon, Lotus Zen, Ink and colour on paper, 138 x 66cm

Rebecca specialized in using ink and mix-media as a language; to reconstruct different materials and images. She use arts to reveal her own point of view about life, environment and future. To remind people that beauty exists always but usually being ignored in our daily life, and hope people could try to enjoy their lives after seeing these artworks.



2nd exhczxibition 복사본

Indonesia, Erica Hestu Wahyuni, NoahArk, 70 x 80cm

Erica’s paintings are usually unpretentious expressions of herself and they reflect her experiences and interests. Her art may be childlike, but they are certainly not simplistic. Each work contains interesting narrative qualities, which reveal the worldview of the artist. Erica’s naive, playful renditions have ascertained her reputation as one of the most sought-after contemporary artists in South East Asia.



2nd exhibxzcition 복사본

Russia, Yulia Shautsukova, EmotiveDreams, Oil On Canvas, 50 x 60cm

Yulia’s paintings transfer the best of Russian oil painting techniques into modern art. Her work explores the relationship between colours and emotions inspired by the organic forms found in nature. The vibrant colours in her work stimulate the emotions of each viewer to drive their own interpretation creating a unique inner world.


2nd exhibiZXtion 복사본

French – Filipina, Adeline Buenaventura, Jungle pop Panda, Shifu, Resin, Fiberglass & Marble powder, Ltd 8, 40x40x40 cm, 6kg

Self-trained artist, passionate for colours and graphics, inspired by “pop art”, Adeline designs, draws, and paints free hand with always bright and eclectic colours on her cheerful sculptures made of resin and fiberglass, and infused with voluptuous roundness and sensual lines with a very elaborate glazed surface, the ultimate originality of her work is also in the amazingly smooth deep aspect of each sculpture, which once finished looks as if it is blown glass or porcelain.


2nd exhibitioxczn 복사본

The Gallery Jeeum founded in 2014 Seoul South Korea has been promoting Korean contemporary artists locally and through International Art Fairs. The Gallery Jeeum represents a diverse range of contemporary artists and estates from around the world. Gallery Jeeum has been instrumental in introducing international artists in new geographies and various international art fairs. This year Gallery Jeeum expanded its second gallery to a mixed, upmarket residential at North Plaza, Discovery Bay.


2nd exhxczibition 복사본

BLINK Gallery was founded in 2013, it is currently located in Kwun Tong and Happy Valley. The aim of BLINK Gallery is to support Hong Kong artists by promoting their artworks at international art fairs and any other publicly accessible platforms. Currently, the star artist of BLINK Gallery is by Mr POON Kwing Wing 潘烱榮 (Water Poon 水禾田), whose art pieces have been leading and inspiring other emerging local artists such as Ms TK Chan, Ms Mediha Ting and Mr Yung Chee-Mun etc.