Erin Morrison: ‘Easy Money’ Exhibition Highlights

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Ever wondered what a one cent coin means, other than its face value?
Los Angeles-based artist Erin Morrison’s first solo show in Hong Kong studies the Imperial Hong Kong 1¢ coins as a daily meditation practice and first personal introduction to Hong Kong as she moved here in the summer of 2019. Through her works on paper based on extensive research online and visits to Ladder Street, Erin explores and presents how cultural shifts in history is a much-needed reflection of present global happenings. Visit to see and learn more about the fascinating intricacies of the artist’s ‘reproduction’ of the coins!

On view through 28 February 2021.

藝術家Erin Morrison於2019年的夏天從洛杉磯搬到香港定居,第一件想做的事,是想了解香港過去與近年發生的大事中,有著甚麼樣的關係。除了上網搜集資料,她亦穿梭於樓梯街附近的店鋪,寓創作於探索與沉思。來看看Erin在香港的第一個個展 “Easy Money”,細味她怎樣透過獨特的水彩技巧來演繹於香港殖民地時期,與早期英國東印度公司所發行的「一仙」!



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💚 Thank you all for making time for Erin’s opening show !


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These seemingly blooming patterns are results of unplanned choices of colours and the artist’s little tricks she learned growing up in Arkansas, USA. The details vary and are unique in each work. What do they look like to you?



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Did you know? Before returning to her works on paper, artist Erin has been producing a series of painted bas-relief sculptures inspired by the history of different currencies around the world.


에린의 동전 수채화 작품의 원형은 동전 조형 작품이라는 것을 알고 계신가요? 에린의 동전 조형 작품은 전 세계 다양한 나라의 역사를 담고 있습니다.


1862 Straits Settlements Cents,7
Watercolor, ink, coffee and acrylic on acid free paper
113 x 113cm



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