Co-Existence 3rd Exhibition : YIHONG HSU

Behind the Scenes at Co-Existence 3rd Exhibition with YIHONG HSU

Come and visit our new exhibition!
Gallery JEEUM is pleased to present Hong Kong based artist Yihong Hsu’s exhibition titled ‘Co Existence’. Yihong’s paintings uses flowers and other nature’s elements as characters to depict stories. Stories from everyday life, her own experiences, feelings and encounters are told through characteristics of flowers. Everything that happens in human life also happens in nature – competition, struggles, sustainability, reproduction, etc. This exhibition is inspired by the most recent covid-19 situation. She expresses our natural longing to be together and how precious that is. 

Venue:  LG-01, Office Block One, DB North Plaza, 92 Siena Avenue, Discovery Bay, Hong Kong
Date & Time:  20th Aug 27th, Sep 2020 (Tuesday to Friday): 11am – 5pm, Sat & Sun 11am – 7pm

Participating Artists:
Yihong Hsu


Artists Background


Co-Existence 3rd Exhibition : YIHONG HSU

Yihong Hsu has an interesting multi-cultural background. She was born in Seoul, Korea as 3rd generation Chinese immigrant. She received American education since elementary school to college. She now lives permanently in Hong Kong. Yihong Hsu received her Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design at Maryland Institute, College of Art, USA and later received her Master in Arts, Design Management, at International Design Advanced Studies Hongik University in Seoul, Korea.

Her multi-national and cultural background lead her to have a successful career in design and branding industry for 18 years. In 2018, she had a first break through as an artist, by being commissioned to do an art installation of 10 meter wide giant panda and 7 meters tall camellia tree – LOVE.FOUND. in Chongqing IFS mall (with co-artist Simone Carena of Italy). Ever since, she has found a new passion in contemporary art and have been painting for the past year.


Nature Series

Nature – Elements of nature are my main characters. I use them to depict my stories in each painting. Everything that happens in our (human) life also happens in nature. Competition, struggles, sustainability, reproduction, coexistence, etc. I paint the every day human life, my own experiences, feelings and encounters using the nature’s elements. I feel that they express it better and also teaches valuable lessons. Although nature has its own struggles, ups and downs, they do it more gracefully and visually more pleasingly. They are fragile yet strong.


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