Affordable Art Online Fair 2020

Affordable Art Online Fair 2020

Don’t miss DB Gallery Jeeum at the Affordable Art Online Fair (AAF) this year. Only 50 galleries from around the world were selected for this year’s online fair, and Gallery Jeeum is the only one from Hong Kong. You can find Gallery Jeeum on the AAF homepage for the online show, and an offline show will also be held at the Gallery at DB North Plaza. For more information, visit

Venue:  LG-01, Office Block One, DB North Plaza, 92 Siena Avenue, Discovery Bay, Hong Kong
Date & Time:  6 – 30 November 2020 (Fri to Sun): 11am – 7pm

Participating Artists:
Yang Hyun Jun | Park Jin Woo | YIHONG HSU | Norman de Brackinghe | BEAK Jin Ki | Kim Jungsan Yun-sik | SON IL

Giedrius Sruogis | Lee Yun A | HAHN Jeesun | Tyler Jackson Pritchard | Chris Lusher | Choi Seung Yoon | Kim Kwang Ho

Miranda Smith | Henrique Cristo


Artists Biography

Yang Hyun Jun 

Yang Hyun Jun graduated at Busan Silla University in Korean Art Painting in 1996, and has also completed a Doctoral degree in 2009. Yang has over 15 solo exhibitions and has participated in 85 group exhibitions and international art fairs.

Yang paints on traditional Korean paper called Hanji. His subject matter focuses on humanism, especially on maternal love and yearning for his mother which are expressed in his works, to fulfil the lack of father figure in his childhood. The runny nose on the portraits is a symbol of childhood painted with epoxy, giving a 3D effect in a 2D painting. 


Choi Seung Yoon 

Born in 1984, Choi Seung Yoon is an exciting abstract painter whose works have been widely exhibited across Korea. His abstract paintings reflect a core theme of paradox: the heart contracts and expands, light and darkness meet daily; the earth is designed on opposites. Precisely controlled lines, spaces and distinctive blue brush strokes capture the emotion of this contradiction.

Choi graduated at the Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Fine Art. 


Baek Jinki 

Baek Jinki graduated with a Master’s Degree at the University of Seoul in the Department of Environment Sculpture, and a degree in Sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara in Italy. 

Baek’s circular works allow one to experience the desire to return to the origin of life. He knows the breath and the nature of the stone better than anyone else, and he unwinds the flow of the ancient galaxy both now and in the future, allowing it to experience the mysterious energy of life. 


Kim Kwang Ho 

At first glance, Korean artist Kim Kwang Ho’s artworks look like simple line art, but on closer inspection you will be delighted to discover that they are actually three-dimensional sculptures! Kim transforms hard raw materials, such as steel and stone, into light-hearted still life’s which are seemingly delicate. Intricate detail and gestural lines are combined in his work, with carefully worked flowers combined with one strip of steel to symbolise the frame and vase. 

Kim graduated at the College of Fine Arts and Graduate School of Education in Kyungbuk National University, and obtains a Doctorate Degree in Fine Arts (a study on the Korean Existentialism Sculpture). 


Son IL 

Son IL graduated from department of Art Education and graduate School of Art Education Dong-A University. Also he have completed doctor course in fine arts, Graduate School, Dong-A University. Son IL has 25 years of career in the artistic circles has reached the position of what he is today through wide-ranging artistic experimentations. He met an old book which was the only one first edition of Hunminjeongeum that is remained. But unfortunately, the original was lost and is not remained. So the artist decided to restore the lost wooden material. For the restoration, he relied on sandblasting and carving. With these techniques, the artist blasted sand at a strong pressure to obtain images that the wanted. Moreover, his works using mulberry paper fiber as presented now are the results of his exclusive universe of art following years of experimentation with diverse materials and techniques. Son IL also had an exhibition at Venice Biennale Arte 2019.  


Lee Yun A 

Yun A Lee graduated School of Fine Art Master’s Program at Hongik University. The techniques for making her artworks are expression medium, mixing materials, ink and powder, etc. They were used for various thicknesses of mud smoke, acrylic, paint, wild powder, etc. The screen composition led to thick layering or a single flooring. Repeated application, scratching, and rubbing led to a figurative representation of the image using a mixture medium based on a non-concrete space configuration. Moreover, she had 24 times of solo exhibitions and 250 times for group exhibitions including Seoul, UK, France, USA, Turkey, China, Philippines, Japan, Austria, Germany, Australia, Russia, and Uzbekistan. Also, she is holding The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Republic of Korea.  


Jungsan Kim Yun-sik 

Jungsan was born in Yeosu, South Korea. Jungsan reflects the Zen Buddhist teachings concerning the external sins and desires. He paints collages on one side of a matchbox while leaving the other side blank. This echoes the lesson of the Heart Sutra form is none other than emptiness and emptiness is none other than form. 


Park Jin Woo 

Born in 1970, Jin Woo Park graduated School of Fine Art at Mokwon University in 1995. Through the artist work, he tries to create his own fantasy through free development regardless of form. He make the underwork on canvas or arches paper with paint or rubber rollers. On the top of that, it finds the complementary color contrast of the dual structure or the fantastic contrast that matches perfectly. The technique for his artworks, the artist tried to find the essence of objects closer and closer. 


Yu Heeman 

Heeman Yu graduated in DFA Sungshin University Seoul in 2011. The artist works freely regardless of form other than visual phenomena. His artworks are different in every objects, landscapes, architecture, or human forms. Rather than using a brush, he tries to escape from the traditional techniques of oil painting by working with various media such as knife and spatula.  


Hahn Jeesun 

Jeesun Hahn earned BFA and MFA from Hongik Univerity in Korea and MFA from Univertity of Utah in U.S. She had 20 individual exhibitions and many group exhibitions in Korea and other countries 

Jeesun Hahn is versatile with architectural images of multiple perspectives as well as floating objects in diverse shapes and looks, which are accented in middle relief. Her works, titled as Resetting, are acrylic paintings with three-dimensional surfaces on plywood, symbolizing people, society, and relationships that interact together and some of them represent the perceptions that should be abandoned in order to reach the ideal state. Her works are about our environment that is breaking down and our efforts to recover from it.