5 Minutes with Yulia Shautsukova – Life. Inspired by Hong Kong

“Life. Inspired by Hong Kong”

In honour of this fascinating city that we call home . We feel its vibrancy in every corner of the city. Everyone’s life is busy, day by day we’re all in a hurry doing something… And forget to notice how incredible our home is.

Let’s stop for a minute. There is beauty around us. The paintings invite you to take a closer look to the familiar corners of our city.



What is your favorite corner of the city? To Yulia, all the special moments she encountered in the city are impromptu moments that come unexpectedly full of joy.

There is not a side of Home Kong that she doesn’t find beautiful. She would like to communicate this sensational touch and energy to everyone, and stimulate in us some personal fond memories or to simply ‘feel good’ about life.


Life. Inspired by Hong Kong (Artworks)

GALLERY JEEUM x Yulia Shautsukova