5 Minutes with Batten and Kamp – Fine Art Asia 2021


Batten and Kamp in Fine Art Asia 2021

Batten and Kamp’s creations are each an honest expression and reinterpretation of their physical surroundings, where nature in particular speaks to them given their Kiwi roots. Coupled with the unique contrasting natural, cultural, and industrial landscapes of Hong Kong, each piece of art is both a harmony and juxtaposition between what mother earth has to offer and the other oddities by human mind and hands.

‘Shelter to Ground’ in fine art Asia 2021 sees the designers produce unique functional furniture by carefully combining raw stones with bent sheet metal and glass in a language that they refer to by their mantra as “as little interference as possible”. Both natural and industrial materials are treated with equal reverence. Each chair, table, light or mirror may be read as expressing a sense of harmony, or conversely one of tension, between the natural world and the built environment.

‘Odd Balance’ is a series of sculptural flower arrangement objects originating from the same line of exploration as the Shelter to Ground collection. Thin metal stands are anchored by heavy stones to gently present individual dried flowers. The pieces find an unusual coexistence between fragility and groundedness, transience and permanence. Perhaps reminding one of the precarious beauty of life and the delicate balance that it depends upon.

“These are pieces of furniture – to be used – but their primary function is as tools for contemplation… They are intended to help people think or feel more deeply about relationships – to nature, between different materials, places, landscapes, ideas.”


About Alexandra Batten

Born in Christchurch New Zealand to a gardener and an interior designer, Alexandra Batten was raised in a family of creatives and immersed from an early age in the pursuit of beauty. With a background in both design and architecture, Alexandra has created for individuals, boutiques and well-known companies such as Tumi and Ferrari.

During eight years of practice in various architecture and design firms in New Zealand and Hong Kong, she has designed and executed high end residences, concept retail stores, workplaces, and museum exhibitions.


About Daniel Kamp

Raised in rural Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, and living in Hong Kong since 2017, Daniel Kamp is an artist and designer whose work carries a consistent tension between nature and contemporary life, and between design and art.

Daniel Kamp’s furniture, objects and interiors have received awards and featured in important cultural publications around the world. He has created and exhibited works in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and Columbia.


Fine Art Asia 2021

Batten and Kamp – Fine Art Asia 2021 Batten and Kamp – Fine Art Asia 2021 Batten and Kamp – Fine Art Asia 2021


Exhibitions (Selected)

Israel: Museum of Islamic Art of Jerusalem. July 2021
Hong Kong: The Shop House, ‘House’, Group Show. April 2021
Japan: DESIGNART TOKYO, ‘On Stone and Sky’. Solo Show. 2020
Hong Kong: Hart Hall, Group Show. 2020
Hong Kong: Jeeum Gallery, Group Show. 2020

Hong Kong: Fine Art Asia, Peking Fine Arts, curated by Design Pier. 2019
Hong Kong: Hart Haus, residency and multiple exhibitions. 2018-2019
Hong Kong: Asia Archive Society, ‘Designing the Archives in the 21st Century’, Hart Hall. 2019
Hong Kong: Design Pier, ‘The Chair’. Hong Kong Art Week, Lanson Place Hotel, Group Show. 2019
Hong Kong: First Initiative Foundation, ‘The Art of Music’. Tai Kwun, Group Show. 2018
Hong Kong: Asia Contemporary Art Fair, curated by Nido Asia, Group Show. 2018.


Awards (Selected)

Design Art Tokyo, Under 30 Program. 2020
Best Awards, Designers Institute of New Zealand: Silver – Spatial Design. 2019
International A’Design Award and Competition: Platinum – Furniture Category. 2016
Best Awards, Designers Institute of New Zealand: Silver – Spatial Design. 2016
Best Awards, Designers Institute of New Zealand: Silver – Emerging Designer. 2015